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French Roulette took a while to arrive in America, but when it did – it became an instant hit. All casinos sought to install this absolute classic and let players have fun. Naturally, the French version proved a little too helpful to the player, so Americans decided to add a second 0 there and completely change the premise.

Yet, in today’s online iGaming world, you can find a lot of free tables out there and you can play for real money as well as for fun. That is entirely up to you, though, and in the meantime, it suffices to say that French Roulette comes with excellent features that are part of the game and promise you even bigger payouts.

But before you place your first wager, why not take some time to test roulette in our simulator first?

Check Roulette77’s Demo French Roulette

When we say demo, we mean the full version of the game. The only difference is that you won’t be playing for real money, but this shouldn’t disappoint you. Roulette77 has focused on providing you with the most detailed information about games there is, and the ability to play through the most popular variants is just part of the offer.

How Do You Play French Roulette

Once you have learned about the many upsides of choosing French Roulette, it would be difficult for you to give up. The game is very straightforward and it allows you to adjust the bet size to anything you wish.

Now speaking of min. and max. bets, we should probably mention the fact that each casino will have different limits for each wheel. If you are visiting an actual gaming property, you will notice that most stakes start at $1 or even $2. Regardless of the bet size, we recommend that you focus on:

  • Adjusting the bet size to something you are comfortable with
  • Starting with a small amount and increasing your bet incrementally
  • Picking the tables with the best house edge
  • Sticking to the even-odds bets

However, if you prefer to stick with the online game, these limits are in fact very flexible. It can be difficult to find anything below $0.50 per individual bet, but these versions still exist. Your maximum bet can often reach $2,000 or even $5,000, which makes roulette a perfect one for anyone looking to high roll.

To start playing, just choose the bet you want to back, whether that is a specific number, even odds, or another risqué bet, you can rest assured the gameplay straight as very simple, which is part of the charm of it.

Not to mention that La Partage and En Prison are there to further enhance the experience and provide you with a classic bit of fun.

How to Beat the Game – Popular Systems

French Roulette, you see, is a very logical game, and as a game of numbers, it can be won based on a mathematically justified strategy. There are two main tactics that most experienced players use today, and yes – they work perfectly online.

Now, one is called Martingale, and it tends to be perhaps the easier to understand and follow through. The other one, Fibonacci, is just about following a specific sequence of numbers, which can often be quite fun. Whichever strategy you end up choosing though, it’s highly recommended that you focus on one thing specifically – finding the table with the lowest limit.

If you can find a table that starts at $0.25 that would be perfect but failing that $0.50 tables should be enough.

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