How to play roulette
Play roulette even better after watching this tutorial. Learn how to become an even better roulette player.
How to Win at Roulette
Do you know how to increase your odds of winning with roulette? Watch our video and follow these basic roulette strategy tips.
Roulette Variations
Does European or American roulette give you the best odds? Watch this video to find out.

Playing with real money can be risky, it is not necessary that you only play for money. Many desire to play for fun and do not lose money. The game of Roulette is all about uncertainty, risk, gamble, and luck. If you do not want to risk your money, you can enjoy the real experience of Roulette for free. There are plenty of free Roulette games with HTML version and a flashy cover of sounds and whistles of bets. When you hit the playing button, you enter into the real world of casino. You see the real table game of Roulette with HD resolution, gaming effects, and graphics.

The HTML version uses the European roulette style of wheel that means featuring a single zero and from 1 to 36. For American Roulette, the wheel is quite different; it has double zero and single zero, the number from 1 to 36.

No money needed to play roulette online

Even though it is an HTML version, the game features are very interactive. Every area displayed can be clicked by the player. As soon as you move the mouse pointer over the screen, the area covered by the mouse pointer gets highlighted. Hence the player can make out what he is wagering on.

The HTML version of the Roulette game targets players who want to play the game for fun. The game offers great and intuitive features for example players can bet on two adjacent number, do multiple wagering, even stake the wager on the entire columns, number types, colors, and specific area of the grid.

Many more features can make you addicted to the game. On the left side of the screen, you can enjoy making complex types of bets that make your game difficult. Bets such as Orphelins bets, tier bets, and bets on neighboring number on the wheels.

How to play?

The game would run as it is played. You select a number and place the bet, the dealer spins the ball, and you win if the ball will land on the same number you chose.

You begin by selecting the chip value on which you would like to wage. You can select the group of numbers by clicking several times until you reach the desired amount of bet.

As soon as you are ready, you can see the spin button on the screen in the bottom right corner. When you click, the wheel starts spinning. Once the wheel stops spinning, the number will be displayed on the screen where the ball landed on the wheel. The amount won in the bet is also displayed on the screen. You can also read more here about the winning strategies that make your game more exciting.

You can read the free guide to know more about the game if you are a beginner. It is suggested, if you are a beginner, you should first try the Roulette game which is free. Play it for fun and learn more about online gambling.

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