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Why Choose the Roulette 77 Game Simulator?

  • Play for free One reason to play using the Roulette 77 game simulator is to have the opportunity to play for free. This helps you to get a feel for the game and the rules, as well as to get acquainted with the different versions of roulette, so you can pick the one that is most suited to your betting style.
  • Master betting strategies A roulette simulator also allows you to increase your mastery of strategy by allowing you to play continuously, before going out and placing bets with real money. This way, you can choose the best strategies for your gameplay and come up with a winning formula that works for you.
  • Increase your odds Using a roulette simulator can also help you pick up a few tips and tricks that you can use to increase your chances of winning and to stretch your bankroll to the maximum.

What Does the Roulette77 Simulator Consist of?

The Roulette77 online simulator is a simple and free way to give roulette a try, without having to place your money on the line for the sake of learning the game. A simulator like this can give you a virtual idea of what a roulette game is like, as well as how the gameplay progresses.

Free Access
The Roulette 77 simulator is available online, with no need to download additional software or make any form of payment. This way, you get to play for as long as you want, anytime, without having the hassle of spending vast amounts of money just to pick up the game.
Mobile & Desktop Versions
It is available for both mobile and desktop use. Most commonly, the mobile version is implemented in Flash software for use directly via a mobile browser. However, there are now also an increasing number of mobile app versions of simulators available on the market.
Modern Graphics
The simulators on our site are so real that you are hard pressed to distinguish between them and an actual online casino roulette wheel. The gameplay is also similar to what you would find at a real casino, thus giving you a complete learning experience, without the expense associated with an actual online or brick-and-mortar casino.
Alternative Games
The Roulette77 simulators offer options from BGaming and FxGaming, in addition to our own version, to help you compare and contrast gameplay. We also offer different variations of roulette, where you can hone your skills and pick the one that best fits your gameplay style.
Does it make sense to use a roulette simulator and play real money roulette afterwards?
Yes, sticking to a roulette simulator will help you learn some of the possible outcomes and test as many strategies as you see fit. You can visit our strategies section and choose the one that you think will work, test it on a simulator and then find a real money game to try.
Can you test a roulette simulator on a mobile device?
Yes, you can access and play the simulator on any mobile device. The software will run on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, allowing to test bet limits, outcomes, RTPs and strategies freely. You can play directly through your browser’s window and on the go so long as your connection is stable.
What specific roulette system do you think I should follow?
There are many great roulette strategies. You can check them out in our strategies page, but in general, we prefer Martingale as it’s the simplest one to follow. Fibonacci is another popular stratagem that many people endorse and use quite often. You can mix many strategies in your play as well. Just remember to finish a cycle first.
Which version of roulette should I choose?
There are different things that come into consideration here when choosing. Do you want the lowest house edge? Then choose French roulette, as the game has only 1.30% in house edge. For an exciting five-number bet, go after American roulette, and for a well-balanced version, pick European roulette.
Will I be a better player after I practice a roulette at the site?
Yes, after practising, you will see how you can make smart decisions and use various strategies. Make sure you win more while risking much less. Testing in a simulator will equip you with the knowledge and experience that you need to be at least a little more successful at roulette.
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