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Mini Roulette Characteristics
House edge 3.85%
Numbers 13
Straight up payout 1:11
Call bets no
Live dealer version no

Welcome to Roulette77, your go-to website where you can experience different versions of mini-roulette for free and enjoy both mobile and desktop play with a few simple clicks. Today, we will bring you two distinctive demos to try yourself. Players will find one demo by Playtech and InBet Games each and have the opportunity to study the popular casino game of mini-roulette and see if it fits your preferences.

The website will provide you with everything you need to know about the game, from the table layout to the wheel sectors. This version of the game has a few changes to its gameplay and payouts that you will want to know about. The best way to find out about the differences is to play-test yourself.

With our help, you will have a chance to try two demos by some of the best iGaming developers and study everything there is about the game in a risk-free environment online. All US players are very welcome to play here for free.

Wheel & Table Layout

Before you hurry up to play online mini-roulette, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the layout of the table, a sequence of numbers and even betting limits. There are only 13 pockets in a mini-roulette wheel.

Players can still bet on every single number individually or opt for a specific range of numbers. When playing the demos, you will also notice that you can bet on black and red, odd and even numbers just like in the normal game of roulette.

However, the payouts here will normally be slightly different. Let’s take a look at the odds and payouts right now.

Odds & Payouts

Mini-roulette will come with slightly different payouts. For starters, the house edge is 3.85% and that is fair. Players may have expected a little more out of this game, but the sequence of numbers makes for balanced gameplay. Bets will naturally have a slightly different payout value, too, owing to the specific setup of the wheel. For example, you will get an 11:1 payout for a straight bet and 2:1 payout for a column bet as noted on the layout of most mini-roulette games.

The probabilities for each type of bet to occur on the wheel will vary from the probabilities in other variations of the game, so keep this in mind. For your comfort, we have put together a table that will quickly walk you through this essential information.

Bet Payout Odds Straight up1:117.69%

Pros & Cons

Naturally, each variation of roulette has its own list of pros and cons. We have covered the pros and cons of mini-roulette for you here so that you won’t need to look elsewhere for answers.

  • A simplified version of roulette
  • Easy and user-friendly table and wheel layout
  • A good chance to hit straight up bets and win on individual bets
  • A setting allowing you to expedite the gameplay and speed up the spins
  • Table limits that allow players from all budgets to come and play
  • A house edge that is well on par with the industry standards
  • Developed by some of the best gaming studios in the industry
  • Excellent attention to detail in the design of the game
  • An opportunity to place bets on slightly different numbers
  • There is no auto-play feature to let you re-spin automatically
  • Mini-roulette comes with a great house edge but it’s not the best variation
  • Some players find the smaller field of numbers boring and predictable
  • It may be harder to find this version in casinos

This summarizes the pros and cons of Mini Roulette as one of the most impressive variations of the game. Owing to its unique sequence of numbers, wheel, and table layout, this is definitely one of the versions you will want to play online for free in the United States.

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