Live Roulette For American Players

Over the past decade, advances in technology have made it possible for people who love to play at casinos to experience the action of a brick-and-mortar establishment right in their own homes. By leveraging a variety of innovative tech, today’s operators offer a broad range of live experiences, and in particular live roulette. Games like this allow the player to interact with a live dealer who is being streamed in real time from a studio.

There are many great examples of such games all over the world. In general, casinos have a broad range of live games, but roulette certainly remains one of the most exciting options. At Roulette77, we employ experts who have worked hard to check out all the available games. As a result, we can recommend our American readers the best options for playing roulette.




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How Does Live Dealer Roulette Work?

While many people might think that there are some inherent differences between the two variants of the game, in fact the truth is quite the opposite. Whether you play in person at a brick-and-mortar property or stay at home and access live games via your computer, there is really no difference worth mentioning. In fact, some argue that, staying at home is a better option, as you can enjoy a few extra comforts, although we will look into this in greater detail later on.

Meanwhile, the online live game unfolds in a very accessible way. You have a live dealer who is broadcast either from a specialized live studio or directly from a casino floor. The dealer is usually an attractive young man or woman. This may be a little distracting, but don’t let good looks fool you – every dealer is an expert and they will call the bets, let you know when no more bets can be placed, then spin the wheel and drop the ball into it.

When you play live roulette online you cannot physically place a bet. However, instead, you can use an intuitive overlay interface which appears in the middle of the screen and invites you to make your bet that way. The technology makes things very convenient and it specifically allows you to interact with the dealer and the casino. Plus, if you ever feel the need to track your betting history, this is possible through the “history” or “log” section, which will produce a list of all your bets, winnings, and bets that didn’t work out, up to the time of the request.

The studio that a dealer broadcasts from is usually packed with other dealers, so as to create an authentic atmosphere. You can see other games going on in the background. Interestingly, too, you can always change cameras and watch the live dealer from different angles, which boosts transparency, as well as making the experience more fun.

Pros And Cons Of Playing Live Roulette

With regard to the game of roulette, there is an ongoing debate about which is the optimal mode of playing. Do you stick with a simple online version or do you choose the live version instead? Some people enjoy the quicker pace of the non-live version, whereas others miss being able to see the faces of the dealers, as you can in live games. Either way, there are some inherent pros and cons.

  • Better overall limits
  • An ability to interact with dealers and players
  • Perfect fit for high-rollers
  • Larger promotions and bonuses
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up to $2000

  • Better overall limits
  • An ability to interact with dealers and players
  • Perfect fit for high-rollers
  • Larger promotions and bonuses

Really, this version of the game proves to be more liberating than the traditional online casino experience. For starters, you will get a chance to spend time in the company of actual people, who will talk to you in real time, guide you through the betting process, and announce the winners.

The dealer will continue to interact with you throughout the game and you can similarly message other players and exchange opinions in a common chat room. Overall, you can enjoy higher betting limits than in traditional online roulette, although you do need to consider the downside that your minimum bets could be a little higher in the live version.

When you play live roulette online, you can choose from a decent variety of games, but there are definitely not as many versions as with a standard online game. Keep this in mind before you start playing.

On the flipside, you can also pick a bonus that has been specifically designed for the live section of the casino. This could be anything between $200 and $5,000, although it is entirely up to the casino to decide how much of a bonus they are prepared to offer players.

Perhaps most importantly of all, when you choose to play live, you will benefit from a far more realistic experience, which no other online version of the game can quite live up to. There is still room for improvement in the field of live games, however. Most notably, casinos are preparing to introduce more-immersive experiences where you will be able to walk around the live studio, thanks to a 3D avatar.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if your Internet connection is unreliable, you could miss out on some betting rounds or be disconnected in mid-spin, which won’t disqualify you from the table but still, it could spoil your enjoyment. Regular online versions require less broadband. If your Internet is slower, then the image quality will suffer as well, and the picture won’t be as clear as you would want it to be for a fulfilling experience.

Best Live Roulette Software

When it comes to playing this variant of the game, you should stick with the best software makers out there. To find out which those are, you need to spend a little time looking around, or simply refer to the list we have prepared. Today we will examine four live roulette game options that you can enjoy right away.: Evolution Gaming

Is playing live roulette safe for US residents?
Yes, US residents can enjoy a game of live roulette at any time and in almost any place they wish. Do make sure that the casino you choose caters to your state, however. All US-friendly casinos will let you know that it's safe to place a wager at their games.
What are betting limits for live roulette?
Just like with land-based games, there are predetermined limits. They are displayed in the betting field of each game and you can quickly acquaint yourself with those details as soon as you join a game, and before you start playing.
Can I play with my friends at the same table?
Yes, you can play with your friends at the same table. All you need to do is to ask your friends to join a specific casino and table. You can also make use of the refer-a-friend bonus, if one is available
Can I play anywhere for free, without money?
You cannot play live roulette for free directly in casinos' live dealer sections. However, you can join and watch others play. So, even without committing your own money, you can still observe what is happening at the roulette tables.
Are there special bonuses for live games?
Yes, a great online live roulette casino will offer bonuses for its live dealer games independently from the rest of its offers. It’s up to the casino’s managers to decide the amount of these bonuses, but overall they are very generous.
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